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Lucky Lou's Presents
Certified Piedmontese Beef
Exceptional Beef for the Season!!

All Natural, Vegetarian, Grass-Fed Beef

From the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, this breed of cattle is closely tied to a strong and unique heritage of the area’s finest wines and rich cuisines. Imported into North America in the early 1970s by several progressive ranchers, availability of these products continues to increase as consumers seek healthy and tasty beef products (the brand represents less than 1% of all cattle in North America).

Exceptional Attention to The Animals: The care that goes into breeding and producing Certified Piedmontese® lean beef – high in protein and nutrients – is recognized around the world. None of the cattle is subjected to hormones, growth steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products. If any animal is weakened and requires medication, it is removed from the herd, treated but not returned to the Piedmontese Program. Simply put, healthy cattle do not need antibiotics, and antibiotics have no place under the Certified Piedmontese® name. Ranchers focus on preventive measures such as quality nutrition, natural living and grazing
conditions, and effective stockmanship to achieve healthy herds free of illness.

A Healthier Choice: Tenderness is in the breed, not obtained through the appearance of threadlike fat as so many of us have been taught to “look for” in the best cuts of beef. Certified Piedmontese® is not about visible fat. It is lower in saturated fat when compared to other high-end beef. Quality is achieved without sacrificing texture, juiciness, taste, and looks!

Healthier Cattle and Beef – Healthier You: Certified Piedmontese® beef continues to be raised humanely and responsibly through a growing network of family ranches across the vastness of the Great Plains (Nebraska). The cattle are free to roam, benefit from all natural feed, fresh water, and comfortable surroundings. Feeding programs are supplemented with hay and grains to promote balanced nutrition when grasslands are scarce. This practice also preserves the land by reducing grazing pressures on lush areas. Piedmontese ranchers take pride in being stewards of the lands they protect and manage.

Beef Choices:

Rib Eye
N.Y Sirloin
Hanger Medallions
Manhattan Filet
Pappardelle- with Piedmontese Bolognese & Pecorino Fondue

Side Choices:

Parsnip Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Sherry Wild Mushrooms
New Potato- Garlic Mashed
Grilled Organic Asparagus
Buttered French Beans
Creamed Asiago Spinach

Choice of Sauces:

Rosemarie Chianti
Gorgonzola Bourbon Cream
Crab Sherry Chive Crema
Peppercorn Cognac

All beef is chef sourced and cut on premise. Market Prices Apply. 

Image of a steak with a side of green beans.

Image of a steak with a side of asparagus